Things to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, A beautiful tropical country and dream destination for everyone who loves the nature and its beauty. Costa Rica is a rain forested country with numerous forests, volcanos and beaches to visit for the tourists. Almost half of the country is occupied the forests and the wild life and the forests are well protected. Here are some of attractive places to visit in Costa Rica.

1. Manuel Antonio National Park:

Expansive, Coastal rain forest part with rich wild life and many marine species in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Part is having having many activities that attracts the tourists to visit this place like water rafting, Tubing, Diving and lovely hotels and restaurants to stay.

2. Nicoya Peninsula:
Nicoya Peninsula, The largest peninsula in the country with 80 mile seashore beach with beautiful cream colored shores and dense forests. You will find fishing and cattle ranching communities here. The main attractive points of the peninsula are Samara beach, Ostional wildlife refuge where we can a plenty of large tortoises, marlin Del Rey catamaran sailing tours to go around the ocean, Fishing Nosara – The best sportfishing in Costa rica with professionals, Sunset walks on beaches are highly encouraged.

3. Arenal:
One of the most active volcanoes stands more than 5000 feet high But areal wasn’t always spewing fiery, lava, rocks and ash. Today, travelers head to the Arenal Observatory Lodge, which sits in an ideal viewing spot along the volcano's northern side. Arenal is often concealed by a thick layer of fog, but if you visit between February and April, you will have a better chance of unobstructed views.

4. Monteverde cloud forest:
One of the main attractions of monteverde cloud forest is 13 kilometers network of trails. every year thousands of tourists come to this magnificent cloud forest to have the opportunity to spot this bird, this cloud forest is the right place to look for it because there are many aguacatillo (small avocado) trees, a small fruit that the quetzal loves to eat.

Costa Rica, A wonderful tourism place for couples to visit. Go on for an evening sunset walk with your partner, Do adventures in the prevented rain forests, watch the wonderful wild species with your partner, Boating, Surfing, Rappel down the waterfall, Bike race on hill top and many more.
Enjoy the Costa Rica holiday with your dating partner

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